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  • More than 20 years of combined short-term rental experience.

  • 5.0 star lifetime Airbnb combined host rating

  • Over 50 combined consecutive terms as Airbnb Superhosts

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Are you a property management company?2023-01-18T13:01:29-05:00

No. We are an Airbnb Management and Consulting service, meaning we focus on the many factors of the Airbnb platform towards a host’s success and optimization. We are centered around Hospitality Management first. However, it’s common and logical to integrate typical property management tasks into our services depending on the situation and can be discussed.

Do you manage Airbnbs anywhere?2022-12-09T00:05:58-05:00

We are always expanding. We currently work with a network of hand picked Superhosts around the world in addition to operating directly in the Riviera Maya Caribbean area of Mexico and the Pacific Jaco area of Costa Rica. If you are in a market that we have not worked in before, we will research and contact existing Superhosts based on criteria that conveys the high standard that we operate within. We will be personally interviewing these Superhosts in depth to ensure our protocols are in practice. These are also opportunities to expand our network.

Do you offer flat rate pricing?2022-12-08T00:15:40-05:00

We have set prices for consulting and listing audits but management, automation, equity partnerships and complete business plans can widely vary based on many factors and a meeting is required to determine the amount of time involved.

For equity partnerships, do you only open investment opportunities a few times a year?2023-01-18T12:59:19-05:00

We are always independently on the lookout for great investment opportunities and present them to those that have shown interest in working with us. However, we are open to researching on demand for eager investors with particular criteria. Simply use out Services request form, here and include details in the Additional Information field at the end of the form.

Do you offer bulk pricing for automation for existing management companies?2022-12-07T21:29:39-05:00

Yes, we do. This will be determined based on the situation and factors involved as discussed in our meeting.

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